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Terms & Conditions


For clients who have been approved for a credit account, service charges of 1.50% per month (19.56% per year) will be applied to any balance unpaid after 30 days from the billing date.


Shipping directions must be provided with each order. All plant material ships at the customers risk and expense, and will be delivered to the curb line only. Extra charges will apply to any further move- ment of material. A fuel charge may be implemented due to rising fuel costs. Our standard delivery charge is $275.00 with customer assistance unloading material, and will be $300.00 for Humber Nurseries 2020 Ltd. to unload.


1-2 business days’ notice is required to allow for digging and/or assembly of your order. Please bring a tarp to protect deciduous material.

Grading of Nursery Stock

All of our nursery stock is graded in accordance with the “Canadian Nursery Stock Standard” set by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association.


We guarantee plant material to be in good condition upon departure. After material leaves our nursery, our responsibility ceases and we will not be held responsible for stock that does not grow. Our stock is warrantied to be true to name. If not true to name, we accept full responsibility and will replace the plant with other stock, or return by the original form of payment. We will not be held responsible for any amount greater than that original purchase price.

Restocking Fee

We will accept plant returns that are in visibly good condition, subject to a 10% restocking fee. Any plants that are returned in damaged or poor condition will not be accepted or credited.


Check all plant material upon arrival. Any invoicing errors, damage or shortages should be reported immediately. No deficiency claims will be heard after 2 days of receiving the product.

Tagging Procedures

Tagged plant material will be held for a maximum of two weeks, and any further extension requested will be at the discretion of Humber Nurseries 2020 Ltd. After four weeks have passed, we are no longer responsible for any tagged material left in our yard – unless a deposit has been made.