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Delivery & Tree Planting

We Deliver and Plant

Humber Nurseries understands that your time is very valuable. We offer delivery and planting services. Please call 416-798-8733, email [email protected] or visit us for further information.

Call Before You Dig

Humber Nurseries will be unable to begin any planting or landscape project without an “Ontario One Call” utilities locate being completed. This is a free service. Locates are valid for 30 days from the day the customer calls “Ontario One Call” and places the request. Direct calls to some utility providers may be required in certain Municipalities, where “Ontario One Call” does not cover. A copy of the locate report or the office clearance numbers must be provided prior to work commencing. Failure to request a locate or to provide a copy of the report, will result in a minimum charge of $250.00, separate and in addition to the planting charge. This is for loading, unloading, care of the plants and/or material, travel time, distance and for the landscape crew. The planting would then have to be rescheduled for a later date. The locate report can be faxed, emailed, left in your mail box, taped to your front door, given personally to our landscape foreman or dropped off at our location. Simply advise us of the most convenient way for you to provide the report. When sending Humber your locate, please reference your name, address and invoice number on the locate report. 

In Ontario, one telephone number for all utilities phone: 1 (800) 400-2255 or Fax: 1 (800) 400-8876, website:

International Colour Code For Marking Underground Facilities

  • Red: Electric Power Lines, Cable Conduit and Lighting Cables
  • Yellow: Gas, Oil, Petroleum or Gaseous Materials
  • Orange: Telephone, Cable T.V., Communication, Alarm and Signal Lines
  • Blue: Water Mains and Service Lines
  • Green: Sanitary Sewers, Storm Sewers and Drain Lines
  • Pink: Temporary Survey Markings
  • White: Proposed Excavation.