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Landscape Design

Rewards of Professional Landscape Design

  • Professional landscaping has proven to increase property values and the speed at which a property sells.
  • Plants and lawns filter pollutants out of rainwater, and can lower home heating/cooling costs by as much as 20%.
  • Plants also improve air quality. One tree can remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually.

Gracious living, all year-round, can be yours with the experience, expertise and exciting products supplied by Humber Nurseries 2020 Ltd. The horticultural industry continues to bring a breathtaking selection of stunning plants for every conceivable situation. Why not take a direct role in the beautification of your property, while helping improve your environment?

Custom Design Service Awards of Excellence

Landscape design is an art form and requires a special talent to create a distinctive vision which is ‘just right’ for your property. Humber has conceived and produced numerous exciting, innovative and award winning landscape projects throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We are immensely gratified to see so many of our clients return again and again, to have Humber Nurseries landscape their new properties.

Hardscapes, walks and walls

Our landscape designers will be able to incorporate any hardscape design or products into your plan. Humber works with a list of credible and reliable contractors who can bring those designs to reality.

Commercial Property Landscaping

Commercial landscaping has been a large part of our business for over 50 years, including home builders, construction companies, casinos, golf clubs, school boards, municipal governments and businesses.

We have the staff and resources to get the job done on time and within a budget. Planting fees are quoted on an individual basis. We will gladly provide estimates against your drawings.

Peter Stevens – Our Landscape Manager

Winner of innumerable awards for his outstanding talent, heads both our Landscape Design Division and our Professional Installation Service. 

A graduate of Toronto’s Ryerson University, Peter has brought a wealth of recognition, achievement and prestige to Humber Nurseries and our customers since joining us in 1982.

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